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Hi, and thank you for visiting our website.

We are so excited about this urban campground! We absolutely want to thank the many individuals
who have been helpful in providing ideas and guidance, and a special thank you for those who have worked
hard at pulling together such a wonderful venture as Waterford River Valley Campground.
The idea of an eco-friendly campground in the middle of the City of Mount Pearl has been brewing in
our minds for a while now. And as the design and development continue and we formalize more and
more campsites, the commitment to maintaining the green space’s integrity is of utmost importance to
us. Our landscape designers, architects, and contractors are committed to the principle of preservation
and conservation.

Together, we are pulling together a camping oasis that preserves natural tranquility in the racket of busy
city life while providing an outstanding Newfoundland and Labrador urban camping experience. Quiet,
natural and friendly.

As the days and weeks go by, we’ll post more and more about our progress. And once we formally
open, watch this space for updates and stories.

Looking forward to hosting you at Waterford River Valley Campground and, remember, “It’s in Our

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