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About Us

Waterford River Valley campground opened for camping in 2020. The campground offers an urban camping experience in the heart of the city of Mount Pearl. Although we use the word urban, the campground itself is nestled in the Waterford Valley, once inside the surrounding trees and river running through provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Every year we are making improvements to offer the best urban camping experience in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Our campground welcomes everyone from families who live nearby and want to save on gas and book a last minute camping trip, to those coming from the rest of the province and even those travelling from the rest of Canada, the United States and beyond.

The Walker family has owned the land the campground now resides on for three generations. They grew up building forts among the balsam firs and black spruce, fishing for brown trout in the spring, and even watching the Newfoundland Bullet train whizz through on what is now known as the T’Railway walking trail, the Walker family has chosen continue sharing those family memories with as many people as they can by building an urban camping oasis committed to an environmental legacy. This forested land embraces the Waterford River on both sides, away from the bustle of city life yet so close to many amenities.

In the years to come, we hope that the guests of the Waterford River Valley Campground will make many wonderful memories, too. And lastly, we acknowledge the land previously belonging to the Beothuk, Indigenous inhabitants of Newfoundland who once used the same land we now call the Waterford River Valley.

The Area

Waterford River Valley Campground finds itself in the heart of Mount Pearl. a family-friendly city with many amenities. The city is located next door to St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, and neighbours the Town of Paradise.

Mount Pearl occupies 1,500 hectares in the western end of the beautiful Waterford Valley and while you are visiting, be sure to take note of the beautiful Waterford River that runs through our campground: the river boasts aquatic life, is the primary source of brown trout in the province, and runs directly into the Atlantic Ocean at the St. John’s Harbour. Enjoy over 60 parks, playgrounds, and trails, as well as a swimming pool, fitness centre and skating arena – all parks and facilities, as well as the Admiralty House Communications Museum, are linked through 60 kilometers of beautiful forested walkways, and easily accessible from our campground.

The Weather

Here in Newfoundland, we like to say that people come here for the social climate. A beautiful fine day in Newfoundland breathing in fresh ocean air is unlike anything else! You can find a handy guide to our weather here. Don’t worry – you’ll be surrounded by a warmth and friendliness at the Waterford River Valley Campground, regardless of what it’s like outdoors!

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