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2019-07-03T17:36:12-02:30July 3rd, 2019|General|1 Comment

After a very successful Open House last weekend, we are back at sculpting sites and moving forward.  One of the many questions asked by people over the last few days is when in WRVC set to open?  Well, just like you, we’d like it to open as soon as possible!  But there are a few construction hoops, environmental approvals and safety checks that need to be met before we can set a date.  So, please be patient – we’re doing this as fast as we can.

In the meanwhile, keep checking this website as we’ll be posting updates on the types of sites available, their associated services and, most importantly, the dates of availability.

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  1. Diane Butler October 15, 2019 at 8:38 pm - Reply

    Will trailers be able to be rented on-site? Can you swim in the Waterford River? Best wishes to you on the opening of the ‘city park’! Wishing you a great success!

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